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Landscaping | Hardscaping

Living in The southern part of California, the weather makes it enjoyable and pleasant for outdoor entertaining. Here in L.A, outdoor design is practically as important as interior design. Many homes are defined by their exterior appearance. The Los Angeles landscape design experts at American Express Construction can help you create a beautifully functional, and long-lasting outdoor space where you can relax, BBQ, entertain, or be peaceful in your own outdoor retreat.

Hardscape is placing down stone and paving an area. Besides that it looks very clean and pleasant on the eyes, it is good on spots where things are not able to grow.  Hardscape is an excellent way to improve the look of your house without losing yourself in your water bill too. We can pick drought resistant materials that your neighbors will be jealous of.  Who says that greener is better? The grass is always more pricey on the other side is more like it.

Our Los Angeles landscaping designs are assured to be functional, beautiful, and easy to care for. We understand the ideal plants and outdoor furniture to choose, which are eco-friendly, best able to utilize the room or space, and able to withstand the elements. We will go over every aspect of the design with you, meeting your input as well as implementing our expertise, in order to create a beautiful backyard every neighbor is sure to envy.

  • We offer many types of hardscape installations.
  • We offer the beauty of pavers, stone walkways or retaining walls.
  • Whether you have drainage issues or you just like a walkway or patio installed, we will work with you to create a perfect design that fits your style.
  • These types of hardscape will create an inviting, welcoming and attractive look to your home!

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